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  1. DigitalOcean announce

    DigitalOcean logo

    I’m delighted to announce a new relationship between DigitalOcean and pepy.tech.

    DigitalOcean will sponsor us with a generous amount of credit that will be used to cover part of our infrastructure. So special thanks to them! πŸ™Œ

    In the next blog post, we will be showing the architecture behind …

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  2. Create a blog with pelican

    When I wanted to start a blog, the first tool that come to my mind was WordPress, but one of the things that draw me back was where to host it. So, I started searching for alternatives, and then I found Jekyll.

    Jekyll is a static site generator, which means …

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  3. pepy.tech opens sponsors program

    We are pleased to announce that we open a sponsor program for pepy.tech. With the sponsor program we plan to give sponsors visibility to their projects and also finance pepy.tech toΒ  improve the product.

    December stats

    If you want to become a sponsor here are some stats that …

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  4. Month review: June 2020

    This month we worked on something different, we send our first downloads report. Along with that we maintained the web and did some small changes.

    ✨ New features

    The downloads report is the biggest feature of this month. In this first iteration of the newsletter, we send stats like the downloads …

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  5. Month review: May 2020

    This month we have focused on improving one basic thing: user experience. I’m not an expert in UX but there were fundamental issues and some improvements. Hopefully, now the website is easier to use.

    ✨ New features

    Some of the new features are:

    • Glob pattern, you no longer need to …
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  6. Glob pattern now available

    With the glob pattern, you can search for all versions matching a pattern. For example, you can write 2.* in the versions search box, and the website will show all the versions starting with "2." Some examples of what you can search:

    • 2.*: will match all versions starting with 2 …
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  7. Month review: April 2020

    This month has been very productive for pepy.tech, we deployed one of the most critical features, we hit new records, and we opened our Patreon account πŸ€—

    ✨ New features

    View download stats by package version is the most significant feature introduced since I started pepy.tech two years ago. With …

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  8. Sorting strings in Python

    In this post, I focus on explaining string sorting. I know that Python already has a good sorting algorithm, but it’s missing one: natural sort! Luckily, there is an easy solution ;)

    I will try expose the problem that we faced with an example. Take a look at the output …

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  9. Most popular python packages in March 2020

    Let's continue with the most trending python packages, this time the most popular packages in March 2020.

    As a reminder, the idea is to select all the packages that had over one thousand downloads in the past two months and in March had an increase in downloads.

    Here is the …

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  10. πŸŽ‚ 2 years of pepy.tech πŸŽ‚

    πŸ“– Some history

    I still remember the reasons to create pepy.tech. Nowadays, these three reasons still apply: I want to learn and improve my skills. I want to help the community. I love Python.

    Two years ago, I registered the domain, concretely on March 10 of 2018, and since then …

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  11. Usage of Python 2

    The main question that we want to answer in this article is that if Python 2 is still used. Then we will try to analyze the evolution of Python 2 and Python 3.

    I based all the data on the downloads of packages. When you do a pip install pytest …

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  12. Dependency Injection in Python with Pinject

    In this post, you will learn the basic principles of Dependency Injection and how to implement it in Python using the Pinject library.

    Dependency Injection

    Dependency Injection is a technique that one object supplies the dependencies of a class. In other words, when you have an object that uses different …

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  13. Most popular python packages in November 2019

    I want to start to promote new and exciting python packages. To do so, I started this series of posts about the most popular Python packages of the previous month.

    The idea is to select all the packages that had over one thousand downloads in the past two months and …

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  14. View download stats of Python libraries

    I remember when I started my project Climoji, I wanted to see how many downloads it had and if it was useful.

    The problem is that data was removed from PyPI, and it isn't easy to get download stats of that project. If you want this data, you should query …

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