Create a blog with pelican

When I wanted to start a blog, the first tool that come to my mind was WordPress, but one of the things that draw me back was where to host it. So, I started searching for alternatives, and then I found Jekyll.

Jekyll is a static site generator, which means that it creates HTML pages from a template. Having static pages has many advantages:

  • It is easier to maintain than a blog with a lot of dynamic content.
  • It is easier to share with others.
  • It is easier to search.
  • It is easier to host.
  • It is easier to deploy.
  • It is easier to manage.
  • It is easier to create.
  • It is easier to update.
  • It is easier to secure.

It's not perfect but fulfills my needs. The one thing that I don't like about this tool is that it's in Ruby. So, I started looking for an alternative, and I found Pelican where the concept is the same but is a tool written in Python 🐍🙌.

Oh, I forgot, there is one big benefit to add to the previous list... IT'S FREE to host 🤑. There are some servers that provide this host for free, to mention a few:

If you want to learn more please check the Pelican documentation and take a look at the quickstart guide 👀.