Month review: June 2020

This month we worked on something different, we send our first downloads report. Along with that we maintained the web and did some small changes.

✨ New features

The downloads report is the biggest feature of this month. In this first iteration of the newsletter, we send stats like the downloads of the month, the top versions, and the growing versions. Also, we send some graphs like the daily downloads and the version distribution.

This was not all, we also did some extra things: * Updated the colors of the logo. * Updated libraries to the newer versions. * Normalize the project name when searching.

📊 Stats

Now people started taking holidays, so the stats are not as good as the previous one but we are more than happy. Here are some interesting results:

👥 Over 8000 unique visitors (according to Google Analytics)

💾 More than 90 GB analyzed

🌐 Over 3 million requests

💥 396 5XX errors, mainly because our badge provider was down.

🔮 Next features

For this month, we plan to improve our newsletter by adding month comparison stats and some extra features.

What else would you like to see?