Most popular python packages in March 2020

Let's continue with the most trending python packages, this time the most popular packages in March 2020.

As a reminder, the idea is to select all the packages that had over one thousand downloads in the past two months and in March had an increase in downloads.

Here is the list of March:

  1. qtpy: QtPy is a small abstraction layer that lets you write applications using a single API call to either PyQt or PySide.
  2. cognite-model-hosting: This library provides certain utilities for working with the Model Hosting Environment made available through the Cognite API.
  3. bashlex: bashlex is a Python port of the parser used internally by GNU bash.
  4. dai-sgqlc-3-5: This package offers an easy to use GraphQL client. It's a fork that work with Python 3.5
  5. cognite-sdk: another library from cognite. This is the Cognite Python SDK for developers and data scientists working with Cognite Data Fusion (CDF).
  6. benchexec: is a Framework for Reliable Benchmarking and Resource Measurement
  7. google-cloud-secret-manager: Secret Manager API: Stores, manages, and secures access to application secrets.
  8. pyro-ppl: Pyro is a flexible, scalable deep probabilistic programming library built on PyTorch.
  9. datadog-checks-base: This package provides the Python bits needed by the Datadog Agent to run Agent-based Integrations (also known as Checks).
  10. pyscaffold: PyScaffold helps you setup a new Python project

Here is the full data:

project d. february d. march increase
qtpy 63,410 4,021,539 63
cognite-model-hosting 67892 1255022 18
bashlex 16,494 214,076 12
dai-sgqlc-3-5 23,929 264,272 11
cognite-sdk 118,052 1,273,851 10
benchexec 10,406 106,983 10
google-cloud-secret-manager 14,251 102,228 7
pyro-ppl 13,754 83,425 6
datadog-checks-base 13,528 77,482 5
pyscaffold 214,747 1,085,372 5