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  1. Month review: June 2020

    This month we worked on something different, we send our first downloads report. Along with that we maintained the web and did some small changes.

    ✨ New features

    The downloads report is the biggest feature of this month. In this first iteration of the newsletter, we send stats like the downloads …

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  2. Month review: May 2020

    This month we have focused on improving one basic thing: user experience. I’m not an expert in UX but there were fundamental issues and some improvements. Hopefully, now the website is easier to use.

    ✨ New features

    Some of the new features are:

    • Glob pattern, you no longer need to …
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  3. Glob pattern now available

    With the glob pattern, you can search for all versions matching a pattern. For example, you can write 2.* in the versions search box, and the website will show all the versions starting with "2." Some examples of what you can search:

    • 2.*: will match all versions starting with 2 …
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  4. Month review: April 2020

    This month has been very productive for pepy.tech, we deployed one of the most critical features, we hit new records, and we opened our Patreon account πŸ€—

    ✨ New features

    View download stats by package version is the most significant feature introduced since I started pepy.tech two years ago. With …

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  5. πŸŽ‚ 2 years of pepy.tech πŸŽ‚

    πŸ“– Some history

    I still remember the reasons to create pepy.tech. Nowadays, these three reasons still apply: I want to learn and improve my skills. I want to help the community. I love Python.

    Two years ago, I registered the domain, concretely on March 10 of 2018, and since then …

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